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Farming Communities To Benefit From Expanding Export Opportunities In The Asia-Pacific

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Farming Communities To Benefit From Expanding Export Opportunities In The Asia-Pacific

Farmers and the regions will benefit from more export opportunities with the Australian Parliament today passing legislation for trade agreements with Indonesia, Peru and Hong Kong.

Nationals Senator and Minister for Agriculture, Bridget McKenzie, said the Bill’s passage was a great step forward for Australian agricultural exports, the economy, farmers and agricultural communities.

“One of the most important things our government can do for the growth and prosperity of the agriculture sector is to create as many opportunities as possible for our businesses to export their premium products to premium markets at premium prices.

“Expanding our market access and reducing red-tape for our agricultural exporters is a key focus of the Nationals in government. The legislation opens opportunities for increased and more efficient trade of our horticultural, dairy, grain, meat, and agricultural fibre products.

“The agreement with Indonesia, the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or IA-CEPA, will allow 99 per cent of Australia’s goods exports to enter Indonesia duty free or with significantly improved preferential arrangements. Australian agricultural producers will enjoy better market access and greater certainty, including for red meat and live cattle, grains, dairy, horticultural products and sugar.

“Under the agreement with Peru, Australia has achieved significant new access to one of South America’s fastest-growing economies. This agreement secures new quotas for Australian dairy, rice and sorghum free from tariffs.

“The agreement with Hong Kong provides increased certainty for Australian exporters and investors and locks in zero tariffs on all Australian goods exported to Hong Kong. This ensures Hong Kong cannot apply tariffs to Australian goods in the future, benefiting Australia for generations to come.

“All our efforts are focused on supporting our agricultural industries to be sustainable, profitable and competitive in world markets.

"We will always support Australian farmers to meet our ambitious goals of having a $100 billion agricultural sector by 2030.”

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