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Surely Australians are better than this

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Surely Australians are better than this
It is beyond belief to see and hear of appalling busloads of Melbourne people on rural and regional shopping raids.
My office has received calls from right across Victoria, from people who are seeing their local shops plundered by self-centred people from Melbourne who, it seems, have no compassion or care for anyone but themselves.
Yesterday I was in the small, isolated Alpine community of Omeo and heard how concerned they were that those in need, such as mums with bubs, the elderly and ill who could not access basic needs like food, nappies or formula.
In more remote and isolated communities the local shop is the only source of supplies and there is no nightly restock as enjoyed by shoppers in cities.
These people's greed is also completely unnecessarily putting the health of many country communities at risk by potentially further spreading Covid-19.
The Prime Minister is right, this is Un-Australian.
This grotesque behaviour is void of any semblance of Aussie spirit and mateship.
Those of us who live outside the capital cities already do without so much city people take for granted.
Surely Australians are better than this.
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