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Water For Fodder Program Opens For Victorian Irrigators

Monday, 2 December 2019

Water For Fodder Program Opens For Victorian Irrigators

Northern Victoria farmers are encouraged to apply for water under the Liberal-Nationals government’s Water for Fodder Program, when it opens later this month.

“At $100 a megalitre, this water is heavily discounted from the current market price which has seen prices the high side of $1000,” Nationals Senator for Victoria and Minister for Agriculture, Bridget McKenzie, said.

“Farmers from across the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District can apply from the second week in December and water will start to flow before Christmas.

“This water must be used to produce fodder or pasture – fodder can’t be a by-product.

“Farmers will have to buy the water in 50 ML lots, with a maximum purchase of 100 ML.

“100 ML would grow around 120 tonnes of pasture providing affordable fodder to farmers in northern Victoria.”

Minister for Water Resources and Drought David Littleproud released guidelines for the program on November 30.

“Water for Fodder will help farmers feed livestock so they can recover quickly when the drought breaks,” he said.

“It will help farmers keep their herds healthy so they’re not forced to destock.This keeps farmers doing what they do best and provides hope in tough times.

“Farmers can apply for the first 40 GL in the second week of December with water flowing by Christmas.

“Our vision is for farm businesses and rural communities to be prepared for and capable of
managing drought. This is just one part of our drought plan.”

For eligibility and to apply, visit or email

Fast Facts:

  • The Water for Fodder program is available for primary producers, including dairy farmers, in the southern connected Murray-Darling Basin.
  • Water is only for growing fodder and pasture in the water year it is allocated. It cannot be used to produce fodder as a by-product. 
  • 40 GL available from 9 December 2019 and another 60 GL delivered after 1 April 2020 and following an evaluation of the program.
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