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QUT has released four course fee scenarios for domestic students commencing in 2016, in an effort to provide clarity around the current higher education funding debate.

QUT accepts all sides of politics struggle with the reality of the balance between student and government contributions to higher education.

The scenarios are based on: no change (scenario 1), and a 10, 15 and 20 per cent reduction in Commonwealth Grant Scheme (CGS) funding (scenarios 2, 3, and 4).

See scenarios and QUT's principles and approach -

Our aim is to offer courses that are high quality and good value.

Fee increases need to be justifiable and our overall approach is to minimise, as far as possible, sudden and significant increases to student debt.

At a minimum, we must maintain our current university funding levels, and directly link any increase in fees to educational improvements for students.

In the 15 per cent reduction scenario, the lowest total fee for a course over three years is the Bachelor of Nursing at $29,200, up to the highest three-year course being a Bachelor of Business at $39,100.

In the same scenario, a student commencing a Bachelor of Science degree in 2016 would pay a total course fee of $31,000, a 13 percent increase from $27,400 if the bill did not go through.

Continuing the 15 per cent reduction scenario, for double degrees over a five-and-half year period, total course fees range from $61,500 (psychology and law) up to $74,200 for business and law.

QUT is as focussed on cost of living issues for students as it is on the headline issue of fee setting.

QUT is the only university to develop a major perpetual fund for low SES students (QUT's Learning Potential Fund). This fund stands at $32 million and, with supplementation from operating funds, has provided well over 10,000 scholarships and bursaries. Six hundred staff at QUT make payroll deductions to this fund every fortnight.

Professor Peter Coaldrake

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