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14 October, 2015
AUSTRALIAN: Campaign to give rural students greater support
Pic source: The Australian. Samuel Brazel says there’s financial and emotional pressure on students from the bush. Picture: Britta Campion Source: News Corp Australia ... Read more
07 October, 2015
DUBBO DAILY LIBERAL: Prime Minister committed to ensuring fair university access
Pic source: PRIME minister Malcolm Turnbull supports efforts to address the financial challenges faced by regional and rural university students. A series of 15 na... Read more
07 October, 2015
AUSTRALIAN: UA calls for help to boost numbers of regional students
Pic source: The Australian newspaper (Picture: Robert Lang Source: Supplied) BY Kylar Loussikian The federal government has signalled it is willing to consider c... Read more
06 October, 2015
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pact to drive jobs, growth and innovation for Australia
Pic source: Negotiations on the biggest global trade deal in twenty years, which first commenced more than five years ago, have been successfully concluded in Atlanta. The historic Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) will deliver enormous benefits to Australia, including unp... Read more
30 September, 2015
NORTHERN STAR: Hogan upbeat as Nationals Senate team visits the region
Pic source: Northern Star. (From left) Senator John Williams, Senator Bridget McKenzie, MP Kevin Hogan, Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash, Senator Nigel Scullion, and Senator Matt Canavan outside Kevin Hogan's office while visiting the region. Photo Marc Stapelberg / The Northern Star htt... Read more
30 September, 2015
AUSTRALIAN: Calls for overhaul of regional higher education policy
Pic source: Australian BY Kylar Loussikian Pressure is building on the federal government to radically overhaul regional higher education policy, with an i... Read more
29 September, 2015
CENTRE FOR NANOSCALE BIOPHOTONICS: Then The Cells Light Up Senator Bridget McKenzie, Martin Bean CBE, Vice Chancellor and President of RMIT University, and Professor Calum Drummond, RMIT Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation and Vice-President, will jo... Read more
23 September, 2015
AUSTRALIAN: Nationals urge action to close access gap for regional students
Pic source: Australian BY Kylar Loussikian The federal government has moved to consider additional measures to close a... Read more
16 September, 2015
ABC AM: Why is the 'Effects Test' causing so much heartburn for businesses large and small?
Pic source: MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The Nationals say support for the so-called "effects test" was also secured from the new Prime Minister. As we revealed on AM yesterday, the Council of Small Business Australia says it believes both Tony Abbott and now Malcolm Turn... Read more
16 September, 2015
ABC AM: Nationals secure $4 billion deal from new PM
Pic source: MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Details are emerging of the deal the new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agreed to to maintain the coalition with the Nationals; the price - about $4 billion over the forward estimates. According to the Nationals there'll be more money for stay-at-hom... Read more
14 September, 2015
ABC BUSINESS: Meat processors under fire as beef farmers complain of exploitation
Pic source: BY finance reporter Elysse Morgan The meat processing industry is coming under fire for the way the big players treat farmers. Takeovers and mergers have led to a massive concent... Read more
10 September, 2015
WEEKLY TIMES: Collusion hard to pin down BY Fiona Myers ALLEGATIONS of collusion are rife in the meat industry, but finding proof is almost impossible, according to the red-meat Senate inquiry. ... Read more
07 September, 2015
WANGARATTA CHRONICLE: Beef farmers fed up BY Shane Douthie THE public hearing of the Senate inquiry into the meat processing reaffirmed to Senator Bridget McKenzie why she was one of its main instigators in the first place. “This issue has resonated throughout No... Read more
07 September, 2015
DUBBO DAILY LIBERAL: Education equality - Uni fees deterring students BY Jennifer Hoar REGIONAL communities, as well as students and parents, are suffering at the hands of a university system where high costs force country students to choose between staying at home o... Read more
02 September, 2015
ABC COUNTRY HOUR VICTORIA: Senate inquiry into red meat sector
Victorian Country Hour reports on the senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee inquiry hearing in Albury, into the effect of consolidation on the red meat processing sector. Live cross with reporter, Warwick Long. To listen, go to: Read more
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