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30 June, 2017
 Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are arresting more criminals and seizing more illicit drugs than ever before, according to a new report by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). National’s Senator for Vict... Read more
27 June, 2017
 National’s Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie said today a $140 million joint investment in the North east Rail Line will deliver more reliable services for people living in the Wodonga area. The boost to local rail services is part... Read more
23 June, 2017
National’s Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie today welcomed the passing of the Australian Education Amendment Bill for schools funding reform which will benefit all regional students. “The new Bill ensures a fairer, needs-based fun... Read more
14 June, 2017
The Senate Education and Employment Committee today tabled its report into the Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017 which clearly demonstrated strong support from the public and independent school system. National’s Senator for Victoria,... Read more
09 June, 2017
 The Labor dominated Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee’s report in to decentralisation has proven to be what everyone expected, a political excise with more holes than a Swiss cheese. National’s Senator for Victori... Read more
01 June, 2017
National’s Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie today strongly supported the Federal Government move to establish its own inquiry into decentralisation following Labor’s discredited Senate hearing. “That Inquiry held only one h... Read more
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