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Labor deserts rural communities again

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Labor Senators Gavin Marshall and Jacinta Collins teamed up with anti-farming Green Senators Di Natale and Janet Rice and Crossbenchers Cory Bernardi, Rex Patrick, Stirling Griff and Derryn Hinch last night and took playing politics to a whole new level by trying to end the Murray Darling Basin Plan.  

This was Labor’s plan which the Coalition endorsed after years of compromise and negotiation to deliver certainty for farmers, rural communities and the environment.

The government continued this bipartisan approach.  Delivering a review to the Northern Basin was put in the Basin Plan by the then water Minister Tony Burke.

We delivered on the amendments recommended by the Labor legislated Independent Murray Darling Basin Authority delivered in 2009.

These recommendations were agreed to at Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council by all Commonwealth, state and territory governments, including South Australia.

Voting to disallow the Northern Basin Review, a review done by an independent authority, is a short sighted tactic with serious repercussions.

“These politicians have shown a total disregard for the farming communities in my home state of Victoria” Minister McKenzie said.

“Trying to score political points by putting the future of hard working business people in many regional Victorian towns in jeopardy is beyond belief.

“Our farmers are the backbone of this country they work hard day in and day out to feed and clothe us.  Labor and the Greens will always sacrifice our rural communities at any opportunity to score cheap political points for votes in the city.”

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