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Australia Day Celebrates All

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Australia Day Celebrates All
Nationals Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie is encouraging Australians not to boycott Australia Day Celebrations on Friday but to instead reflect upon all aspects of
Australia’s past, celebrate our achievements and welcome new Australians.
“Australia Day is a day to acknowledge all Australians, including the first Australians.” Senator McKenzie said.
“Each one of us needs to work together to ensure that every Australian’s beliefs and traditions are respected.
“The meaning of Australia Day has evolved over time. It is now a day to celebrate our nations diverse people with over 16,000 new Australians receiving their citizenship on that day.”
Senator McKenzie is joining fellow Nationals, including Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce in encouraging Australians to continue celebrating Australia Day on January 26th and
acknowledging the importance of that date in our history.
“Australia is a free country where individuals are welcome to discuss and debate our nation’s history; this is a freedom many countries do not share and it should not be taken for
granted.” Senator McKenzie said.
“We should continue to use January 26th as a day to honour and unify all Australian’s as we look to the future, not as a reason to divide people.”
Senator McKenzie will be attending Australia Day events across north central Victoria and encourages others to attend local community events for a family friendly day of


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