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Decentralisation - Good for Cities and the Bush

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

 Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce hit the nail on the head when talking about decentralisation:
"I’m working on moving agricultural government agencies to where boots hit the dirt in our bush centres but that’s only the start."
National’s Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie said what has to be realised with the decentralisation push is that it benefits both city and country areas.
"It relieves the pressure on cities like Melbourne which at the moment is seeing almost 1800 new arrivals every week.
"Many experts suggest that Melbourne is bursting at the seams, housing costs are at an all-time high, public transport can’t cope and infrastructure in some cases is not coping," Senator McKenzie said.
"So it’s a win-win for urban and regional areas. Decentralising government agencies to regional areas will allow the regions to grow and to prosper.
"The government takes decentralisation extremely seriously with a 10-member Select Committee announced on Regional Development and Decentralisation.
"I am a strong advocate for decentralisation which I believe will benefit all of Australia, it’s needed and it has the backing of Councils, Communities and individuals.
"A Senate Committee Report on Decentralisation, which had majority Labor representation, received support for the program from 80% of submissions it received.
"Labor, ignored these but the new Senate Select Committee will not. It will include six Government MPs, three from Labor and a Crossbencher," Senator McKenzie said.
"I am excited about decentralisation, it’s a real benefit to Australia and has enthusiastic support right across the board," Senator McKenzie said.
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