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Better deal for Regional Students from Gonski 2.0

Friday, 23 June 2017

National’s Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie today welcomed the passing of the Australian Education Amendment Bill for schools funding reform which will benefit all
regional students.
“The new Bill ensures a fairer, needs-based funding arrangement and removes the special deals and complexities from the previously inherited model from Labor.
“I am delighted that the new Gonski 2.0 reform model delivers funding faster to schools in need who currently receive less than their share of the Schooling Resource Standard
“Under the failed Labor model, it would have taken 150 years for some schools to transition to a higher SRS, under this government it will take six years”.
Senator McKenzie said spending is now estimated to grow by $23.5 billion over ten years from 2018-2027 with total spending now estimated to be $247.1 billion over that
“Disadvantaged regional school will be disadvantaged no more, the new reforms passed early this morning is needs-based, transparent and fair.
“They mean that Labor’s 27 special deals that gave more per student funding to some states and to some sectors over others is no more.
“Incredibly in the Senate last night and in the House of Representatives later, Labor voted against this massive increase in schools funding, preferring to try and stick to their old,
tired and unfair model.
“How much we provide in funding is important but what we do with it is what counts, funding should go to where it is needed most and should be used in ways that we know delivers
results.” Senator McKenzie said.
“As a former teacher it concerns me that Australia’s performance in national and international testing is declining or at best standing still.
“So the message is clear, we need to act now to ensure our children have the best possible chance to succeed in a changing world.
“I have every confidence that the reforms that will now be introduced will change the current trend and give students the very best chance in life now and into the future,” Senator
McKenzie said.

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