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28 August, 2017
The National Party of Australia is committed to media reform that delivers for country Australia. Local news, current affairs and weather is essential and will be ensured thanks Government reforms, aided by my Private Members Bill on A...Read more
15 October, 2015
Senator McKenzie asks, in Question Time, about the Trans-Pacific Partnership benefits to regional Victoria including jobs.Read more
15 October, 2015
Senator McKenzie calls for coding in schools, and investment in world-leading quantum computation technology at UNSW, and speaks on the benefits of high-growth technology companies and start-ups in addressing challenges faced in the regions and agrib...Read more
13 October, 2015
Senator McKenzie asks in Question Time how central Victoria will benefit from the government's announcement that it will buy 1100 Bendigo-built Hawkei protected vehicles and over 1000 trailers. The $1.3 billion Project LAND 121 Phase 4 contract ...Read more Read more
12 October, 2015
Asking a question during parliament regarding the Australian Government's announcement that it will buy 1100 Bendigo-built Hawkei protected vehicles and over 1000 trailers which is great for our defence force while creating regional jobs.Read more
13 August, 2015
Senator McKenzie details a series of public forums held in regions across the country to discuss challenges regional students face in accessing a higher education, and how to address them. It's part of an interdepartmental report that's taking place ...Read more
22 June, 2015
There have been misleading reports about the options for schools being considered in the Reform of the Federation White Paper process. To clarify: o There are no plans to reduce government support to schools. The Reform of the Federation White ...Read more Read more
28 May, 2015
Senator McKenzie asks ACMA Chair Chris Chapman about Kyle Sandilands' interview with Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce in Senate Estimates.Read more
11 May, 2015
The Construction Industry Amendment Bill is a sensible initiative that was supported by the Gillard Government.  However, Bill Shorten once again opposes in opposition what he supported in government.  C'mon Bill, get on board.Read more
03 December, 2014
Senator McKenzie speaking on the Abbott-Truss government's achievements despite the challenges including inheriting a hefty debt the previous Labor government left the country with.Read more
27 November, 2014
Senator McKenzie speaks on the Select Committee report on Australia's Food Processing sector and the federal government's support for the industry.Read more
27 November, 2014
Senator McKenzie questions Senator Fifield, representing the Minister for Communications, on the progress of the NBN in her home state of Victoria.Read more
27 November, 2014
Senator McKenzie questions Employment Minister Eric Abetz about the current state of workplace relations in Victoria, and if there are any threats to harmonious and productive workplaces in Victoria.Read more
26 November, 2014
Senator McKenzie questions Employment Minister, Eric Abetz, about the government's legislation to ensure transparency to the governance of trade unions and so-called slush funds.Read more
25 November, 2014
Senator McKenzie, in response to the Greens, outlines the Victorian Coalition Government's record, and firm commitment to the state's environment and natural resources. Read more
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